Breastfeeding is best for your baby and provides many benefits.

Breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits. It is important that, in preparation for and during breastfeeding, you eat a healthy, balanced diet. Combined breast and bottle feeding in the first weeks may reduce the supply of your own breastmilk, and reversing the decision not to breastfeed is difficult. The social and financial implications of using an infant milk should be considered. Improper use of an infant milk or inappropriate foods of feeding methods may present a health hazard.

If you use an infant milk, you should follow manufacturer's instructions for use carefully - failure to follow the instructions may make your baby ill. always consult your doctor, midwife or health visitor for advice about feeding your baby.

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  1. Irish Dairy Milk (IDM) infant formula contains INFAT® which mimics the composition, structure and nutritional values of breast milk, proven to increase your babies sleep time.

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  2. Irish Dairy Milk infant formula is clinically proven to bring multiple benefits to babies, such as brain development & a stronger immune system.

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INFAT® mimics the special fat structure found in human milk!

What is Infat?

A sn-2 palmitate (OPO) fat ingredient, INFAT® has been clinically proven to bring multiple benefits to babies:

Reduces infant crying
Softer stools
Increases bone strength
Increases fat and calcium absorption
Enhances beneficial gut flora
Controls intestinal health

How does INFAT work?
Human milk is the optimal choice for infants. But when breastfeeding is not practical, providing the closest substitute is best for a baby’s comfort, health and development.

Super Comfort for a happy baby

Super Comfort by INFAT® assures mothers they are nourishing their babies with the right ingredients for maximum comfort.

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Super Comfort
Increased Fat and Calcium Absorption
Less Crying
Night Sleep
Softer Stools
Bone Strength

IDM has a whole range of additional benefits making it the number one choice for your baby

Additional Benefits

Irish Dairy Milk gives mothers reassurance of additional benefits, resulting in the best start for your baby, next to breast milk.

The science behind Irish Dairy Milk

Our range of Intelligent Formula are designed to emulate breast milk and to provide the best nutritional value to your child to grow up in a healthy and strong way. It contains all the essential nutrients for a healthy development and has been enriched with special ingredients to further enhance the safe development of your baby.

INFAT OPO is a triglyceride fatty composition found in mother’s milk and also the unique structure of our product which mimics that of human milk, enabling optimized uptake of calcium and energy for ease of digestion. Infants fed with INFAT OPO also benefit from significantly higher whole body bone mass than that of infants fed on standard formulas.

LCPs – DHA & AA:
LCPs is short for ‘long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids’ which are a type of unsaturated fats that play many useful roles in the body. Both DHA and AA are found in breastmilk and have now been added to IDM infant milks. A balanced ratio of DHA and AA contributes to the development of brain and vision.

Taurine and Choline:
Taurine is necessary in the brain and retina, it plays a significant role in the brain development and nerve conduction of infants. Taurine and choline contribute to your baby’s cognitive abilities and memory.

High quality GOS stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, which supports your baby’s intestinal health. It is also thought that these prebiotic oligosaccharides help the immune system to prevent infections.

Nucleotides stimulate intestinal maturation, adjust flora composition and help maintain normal immune function.

Lactoferrin is a type of protein contained in milk and it is important for immune functions. Lactoferrin is considered an essential ingredient to maintain babies' health.

Lutein protects eyes by absorbing potentially damaging light, aswell as protecting against oxidative damage.